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Aaron McGarvey

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Safe-guarding water affordability through reductions in O&M.

Case Study - Asset Management and Length-of-Service Optimization for Utility Assets

USE CASE: Asset Management


Utilities face the dual challenge of improving infrastructure and water quality while maintaining customer affordability. The only way to achieve these dual challenges is through a reduction in the Operations & Maintenance ratio of the utility. One report finds that for every $1 reduction in O&M, utilities can put $8 more towards capital investment (CAPEX). Yet few utilities have the financial resources to truly conduct an enterprise-wide optimization of their Length-of-Service plan, much less put that plan into practice.

OUTCOME: Having a plan for LOS replacement.

Aaron combined data for meters, pipes, and other assets to create an comprehensive "asset-index" that allowed the utility to evaluate their asset health, prioritizing replacement of assets that were both high-probability and high-impact of failure.