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How can Water Quality staff know if their system is in compliance?

Case Study - Water Quality Compliance Sampling

USE CASE: Drinking Water


Nearly two-thirds of all NOVs are related to either monitoring or reporting. It's no wonder if you look at how utilities manage their compliance sampling. From spreadsheets, to hand-written binders, to notes on refrigerator doors, there are shockingly few tools available to help navigate the complex sampling requirements mandated under the EPA's Standard Monitoring Framework. Add to that the heavy reliance on tribal knowledge (who are all about to retire), and you've got a big problem.

OUTCOME: All compliance sampling requirements in one place.

Aaron recognized that the bedrock pillar of water quality compliance was having all sampling requirements available under one roof. He came up with a method that aggregates and enriches publically-available data from state DEP agencies on everything from Bacteriological (bacti) samples, to Lead and Copper, to DBPs, IOCs, and everything in between.

But how can Water Quality Staff know whether or not they are in compliance? Not only was Aaron capable of bringing all requirements together in a single location, he was able to match sampling requirements with their corresponding results. He could confirm when state DEPs received the samples, down to the analyte level.

Missing one out of twelve analytes for your IOC sample? Aaron could tell you which one it was. State DEP post a "mystery NOV" you're just finding out about now? Aaron could have alerted you beforehand.