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Aaron McGarvey

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Combining Disparate Data Sources Into a Single View

Case Study - Analyzing Treatment Plant Data Through SCADA IoT

USE CASE: Drinking Water Treatment, Controls, IoT


SCADA is perhaps the most under-utilized data source in the entire water industry. Particularly for larger utilities, amazing potential exists in the ability to look at SCADA data across an entire footprint. Yet for many utilities, cybersecurity concerns mean their data continues to be siloed.

As part of a corporate-wide data initiative for a large utility, Aaron helped analyze some of the first data coming through an IoT pipeline into a data lake in AWS.

OUTCOME: Increased insights into drinking water treatment efficacy

Aaron was able to evaluate Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels at each unit process in the Drinking Water Treatment process, leading to increased insights and serving as a model for future AI and ML applications.